About Us

Imagination. Technology. People.

Create magical customer journeys where imagination, technology and people come together.

Getting interiors done as a customer is challenging. Unlike buying an off the shelf product, in interiors each end product is unique and has to be created incrementally from concept to reality within the given time and budget constraints. The customer journey from concept to reality includes:

  • capturing customer requirements.
  • space design with multiple iterations.
  • coordination and collaboration among different stakeholders (customer, designer, project manager, multiple contractors and suppliers).
  • a complex supply chain / logistics involving multiple suppliers to meet the design requirements.
  • a coordinated daily execution to make things happen.

This journey is successful when the project is delivered with high quality, within time & budget, and great customer experience. However, the unorganized structure of the interiors industry, a lack of professional approach, and the overall complexity involved often make this journey stressful for a customer.

5Genies was founded in 2017 by veterans from construction & interiors and technology industry, to offer a one-stop solution to the growing market of residential and commercial interiors. The foundation of 5Genies is built on the three pillars - Imagination, Technology, and People - to deliver magical customer journeys.


Reimagine every aspect of business processes to bring efficiency, transparency, improve velocity, and increase customer happiness.


Integrate technology throughout the project lifecycle and beyond to bring transparency, elevate productivity, minimize errors and handle scale.


Build a world-class team and partner network. Delight our customers.


Arun Kumar P G

Co-founder & CEO

Arun cofounded 5Genies in 2017. He comes from a computer science background with 15+ years of experience in building global software products. Prior to 5Genies, he worked at Google for more than a decade. While at Google, Arun worked on different Google products including Google Tez, Google Cloud Search, Search Appliance, Checkout, AdWords, and led engineering teams globally. With his leadership and passion for interiors & technology he aims to bring a meaningful change to this space through 5Genies.


Michael Baldwin


Michael has spent over a decade at Google, building software and hardware products for India, the United States, and other markets globally. While at Google, Michael has led teams across product development, marketing, and business strategy. Prior to Google, he advised companies as a management consultant. Michael earned his undergraduate degree from Stanford University and his Master in Business Administration from Harvard Business School.